Bonn prides itself as one of Germany’s most international locations. The city is host to numerous NGOs and is the second seat of federal government after Berlin.


Nestled along the banks of the majestic river Rhine, the city offers terrific views of the surrounding hillsides. The museums mile, as one of the city’s attractions, reveals many in-depth insights to local and national art or historical collections. Visitors can bathe in the subject of choice in such marvels as the Haus der Geschichte.


An assortment of international schools in and around Bonn is available; one key factor for over forty years that has enabled a vibrant international community to be created. It even has a short, sweet sounding name with great phonetics for foreigners to pronounce. Furthermore, friendly residents offer foreign employees and visitors to conventions and conferences an ideal environment to feel at home.


The city exudes a young, multicultural and vibrant flair due to inner-city faculties of the university. Expats at international businesses add to the spectrum of languages heard on the streets.


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